2017-18 Latin American Population (In Millions)

Approximate Rideshare App Users in Latin America (In Millions)


Approximate Mobile Users in Latin America by 2020 (In Millions)

WIN is posed to be one of the leading Rideshare Platforms in Latin America

According to 2017/2018 studies and articles Latin America is the second fastest growing mobile market in the world.  Latin America is a region with approximately 653 million people and an expected growth of mobile internet user base of over 400 million people by 2020 (63% mobile users). The current rideshare user base is approximately 64 million. What this means for you?  Opportunity, Opportunity, Opportunity!

WIN Technologies new rideshare business model continues to grow and is quickly spreading through Latin America. We give our Drivers the opportunity to grow their own business, We give our Riders the opportunity to earn and as part of WIN’s community referral program ALL MEMBERS get the opportunity to take financial control of their own life!